Makeup artist

Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

After several years in Art school I switched canvas for faces and since 2016 I'm working as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist.

I work in all genres of the business - from feauture films and tv-series to red carpet and fashion. I also do music videos, events, bridal and private sessions.

But I firstly do love to work with projects were I can play with a more creative expression.

Client experience:

Spotify, Nike, Capitol Records, Warner Music, Redline Recordings, Warner Bros, SVT, TV4, FLX, Filmlance, Telia, Boxer, Synoptik, Ellos to name a few.

Send me an email for any questions about booking and prices.


Emelie Wood


For bookings and enquiries:

Phone: +4673 049 10 70

Email: info@emeliewoodolsson.com